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Hey guest, wondering how to access the forums?

All content is HIDDEN from guests, you must make an account to see the forums.

Make sure you read everything here before applying

FSE was subject to a data wipe in September 2015 and was shortly after that taken down, we are deciding to revive and bring back a place for a community to thrive.

Register an account!

You must first register an account on ForbiddenSE as the first step to seeing the content on the website, you can do so by clicking here.

Create an application!

After registering to ForbiddenSE you need to create an new application to join the site, you can do so by clicking on "Membership Application" in the top right of the forums (in the sidebar) when logged into your account or you can click here.

Important information before you apply

ForbiddenSE members and staff will all be able to see your application and take a public vote on wether or not you should be accepted, this might sound a little off putting, but the community responds well to good quality and people who show a willingness to learn.

You don't need years of SE experience to get accepted, you just need to be honest with you, tell us about yourself, make sure your application is of the highest quality you can make it, put a little time and thought into it, ensuring to answer each question in as much detail as you can and you'll more than likely be accepted!

Please also take into consideration that by creating an account and making an application, you are showing that you at least *want* to be apart of our community, so if you half ass the application expect people to half ass their replies.
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